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Serving Business Owners Since 1989
Blue Pyramid Consultants was formed in 2013 by Patrick K. Smith. In 1989, Patrick started his first business.  Since then he has been helping other business owners grow their companies and avoid some of the headaches he went through as a solo-preuner.

Our focus at Blue Pyramid Consultants is to provide you with such a great experience that you MUST tell all the other business owners you know about us! In order to achieve that goal, we have created two divisions.  One is focused on education and coaching, that is the https://BluePyramidConsultants.com website. The other is a site to provide the tools a company needs to Build, Manage and Market their brand in this fast-paced world.  To see some of the more than 20 products we have you can go to https://OnlineVisibility.us.

 Patrick K. Smith, CEO

Patrick K. Smith, CEO

We have a heart for the small to mid-sized companies that are struggling to compete with the mega-corporations. We understand what it is like to wear multiple hats, to try and figure out all the processes of marketing, advertising, fulfillment, customer service, financing and more when all you want to do is to provide the product and service you love. You got into your business because you love what you do, not to become a marketing expert!

Here at out coaching website we provide education on many subjects. We are constantly updating the information, so it is current and applicable for a business owner today.  We have a few levels of membership, from free to group coaching and all the way to one on one coaching.

Take a few minutes and look around but be sure to bookmark this site.  We are adding great content daily.


Our Culture

At BPC, building relationships in an atmosphere of trust is our focus, beginning with those we have with our clients, which are valued above all. While recognizing that the client may not be “right all the time”, our mission remains to fulfill each client’s dreams, goals, and desires. Similarly, we see relationships between team members as very valuable, and a culture of trust, caring, and support within our organization is foundational.

To build and sustain the culture we believe in, trust, knowledge, and communication are paramount. At BPC, our word is our bond. Forthright, honest communication practiced here, and rigorous truthfulness is non-negotiable. We have a high standard for ourselves with regard to the quality of our product, and realistically communicate our progress on projects. We authentically own our mistakes, which are approached as learning opportunities rather than failures.

At BPC, professional excellence is something we work relentlessly to maintain, and we are passionate about learning! From the CEO to the newest hire, continuing education is ongoing. However, the truth is, we make no claim to be experts in all things. In fact, in our desire to serve our clients well, we share other resources with them, as appropriate.  This is simply a good way to do business, and one of the benefits of networking with other professionals.

One of the ways we maintain our standard of excellence is through focusing on what is in front of us! In today’s world, focus seems to have been lost in the atmosphere of “instant availability”. What does our expectation look like? When communicating with a client or simply dialed into a work task, BPC representatives will refrain from looking at phones, text messages, or emails, and will not take any incoming phone calls.  By instituting this simple practice, each individual client and client’s project will be given the respect that is due.

As we focus on the person in front of us, or, on the other end of the conversation via phone, clear understanding develops. As we listen carefully and attentively, effective communication is possible. As previously discussed, relationships are our focus at BPC. And communication is critical to building and growing relationships—with clients and teammates alike.  We commit to being focused-direct-and involved in each interaction.

With so many possible ways to communicate, it’s important to find out the preferences of each of our clients. This demonstrates respect and consideration and is one outcome of paying focused attention! Some people like using email, while others will tell you they rarely check their email inboxes. Let’s find out what works to get the message across. For example, my daughter loves to text. I, on the other hand, leave voice mails. Sometimes, I need to send her a text message asking her to listen to the voice mail I left. 😊 (Love you, dear!) The point is to understand what works and use that method.

At BPC, we do not believe that instantaneous answers/responses are always best. As previously discussed, focus on the interaction in front of us is key—so we may need to delay a response in order to give it the time and respect that is due.

On the other hand, we make it a priority to use all available communication types—from snail-mail to text/voice/email/messenger/ and chatbots—to get the job done. We will find out how each person we work with prefers to be addressed, as well as the communication style preferred.

In summary, BPC is an organization of customer-focused relationships, with a foundation of trust, knowledge, and communication.